Sunday, January 16, 2011

Damn, I'm the worst blogger on the planet...

...but, ya know, it's a lotta pressure to update stuff all the time, to have something to show to you, my loyal 5 followers (Er, and you, as well, my secret, invisible followers...). but hey, Man, it's all so top scret in this business. I've GOT new stuff, just can't show you all yet..

But, I have found time to add an, albeit bad, photo of something I did recently..

Way back in the design phase of 'the Hills Run Red' I did a drawing of a Voodoo-painted Babyface character, where, instead of the glaring white mask, it would have  the Skull-painted design on it (After all the mud and blood, it kinda ended up looking like that anyway in the movie), So I poured up one of the masks from the molds of the Jim Kagel sculpt and made one...The coffee-can jaw idea just struck me as kinda cool and funny, nothing more dangerous than rusty, torn metal to me...
I'll see if I can dig up the sketch and add it here later.

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  1. it's ok Michael. We still think you rock even if you don't constantly update your blog :)